The mean and maximum errors you report are huge.They should, ideally, be less than one.You can find rogue points by looking at the CP lists associated with the image pairs.These lists can be sorted by clicking the distance header.Try removing those that exceed a distance greater than one and then reoptimise.Try setting up parallax correction manually using near and far objects, use the viewfinder first then try a few test shot pairs.In this instance I would rcommend that you start out producing a single row pano.You certainly don’t need 30% overlap, 10%, or even less, should be fine.If you have a lot of overlap, Autopano will naturally create most points nearer to the image centre; and you simply waste image data and memory.Create all of your CPs by hand, concentrate your points near to the edges and corners (centre of the overlap region), twelve should be sufficient, then optimise everything.See how you get on, good luck.

John McAllister

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