Meshroom sur Google Colab

« You don´t have a CUDA GPU or not enough Ressources? Now you can run Meshroom on Google Colab (in CLI mode only, no GUI). The only thing you need is a Google Account. (+ internet connection with a decent upload rate!)

Note: This solution is a user contribution and not officially supported.

Google Colab is a free to use Jupyter notebook, that allows you to use free Tesla K80 GPU (24 GB of GDDR5 memory) it also gives you a total of 12 GB of ram, and you can use it up to 12 hours in row(keep the browser tab open as it will reset sooner otherwise). »

Ou comment faire tourner meshroom sur un serveur pas mal du tout de google, gratos, à partir de photos choisies. C’est beau la modernitude.Ma page sur le google drive :

(je sais pas si ça marche si on s’y connecte depuis un autre compte…)



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